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registrarse en hotmail

Are you looking for a hotmail email addresses of your friends or workmates but doesn’t know hot to find hotmail email addresses? It is true that it can be very tiresome finding a person’s email without other

details apart form the name. To make work easier, hotmail has a directory for its members. The directory is very easy to use and will not take your time. With this directory, you will certainly get the address

you could be looking for.

So how do you find email addresses with hotmail? First, you will be required to open the internet browser and move to the main page of hotmail which is MSN. On the page, you will find MSN Directory for

Members which will be your resource center. You will just click your Windows Live ID account which is on the right side of the main page. If you already have a password, you will just log in but if you have

none, you will be required to sign up at the left bottom of the page. You will be redirected at the registration page where you will fill in all the forms after which you will click “submit” option. After all is

followed and done, you will be finally directed to your MSN Member Directory personal page.

By clicking the empty information search bar which has “search for people” option at the drop-down menu, you will be redirected to page where you will be needed to enter the full first and last names of the

person you are looking at his or her address. If more information of the person you are looking for is available, click the advanced search option to give the additional information of the person. When the

information is complete, go to the search button and allow for the information to be searched.

At this stage of how to find hotmail email addresses, very many contacts results will be given with an avatar or picture identity which will help you recognize the person you could be looking for. Basic

information of the person will also be provided. For instance, the sex, age and place of residence of the person will be provided. All profile information will have an “Add” option at the end. By clicking this

option, a dialogue box will be opened to enable you start your communication.  If you are sure of the person’s identity, type hello but if you aren’t sure type a question.

The next step is to wait for the person to confirm the invitation you sent. If there is confirmation, the person will be added to your chain of friends. When you click on the “People” option which is at the top of

the personal Member Directory, you will be able to see all the people within your hotmail network. Go through the list to find the person who confirmed your invitation. His or herprofile will be opened when

you click the avatar and it is there where you will get all the information you want.

Following these steps appropriately will help you find hotmail email addresses you are looking for. The addresses that are not found in the list of networked people will mean that they have not signed in the

hotmail account.
Microsoft Hotmail has possible been hacked

The Holy Grail amongst hackers – Microsoft Hotmail may have been hacked recently. The evidence was posted on an online forum October 1st 2009. Hotmail is currently the largest web-based e-mail


The passwords to 10 028 Hotmail accounts listed form A to B were posted on an online forum used by software developers on October 1st 2009.

Microsoft said it was investigating this incident and has not yet offered any official statement about what has happened.

"We're actively investigating the situation and will take appropriate steps as rapidly as possible," a spokesperson said.

The list was posted on Friday at pastebin  but has since been taken away from the forum.

Parts of the list has been verified and the accounts on the list appeared to be genuine and mostly from Europe. crear cuenta hotmail

The list detailed accounts starting from A through B, indicating there are more accounts been compromised.

Further exacerbating the threat is the fact that many people use the same log-on information for Hotmail and other online resources offered by Microsoft, which could expose sensitive information.

Security experts recommend Hotmail users to change their password and security section immediately.

Microsoft has confirmed that Hotmail have been compromised in a phishing attack. However, some security experts do not believe this is the case, because there has been very few emails lately pretending

being from Microsoft, asking for users to confirm their IDs and passwords. This leads them to believe that Microsoft has been hacked, and that the Hotmail server could have been compromised.

Security experts do not believe it is an inside job, as personnel would not know both the ID and password to be able to construct this list.

Another hacking method - phishing involves using fake websites to lure people into revealing details such as bank accounts or login names. However, the systematic way this list has been made public, suggest

this is not an attack of this kind.

The most plausible cause of this list being made public, is that the Microsoft Server has been attacked and compromised and tapped for vital information which has been decrypted and made public.

The list included details of Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail accounts with email addresses ending hotmail and live
Most security experts deem this to be a hi-tech cyber crime and not done by someone accidently getting into the server, as these servers are assumed to be the Holy Grail amongst hackers due to its security


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